We have a motto which resumes our consultancy policy: what, how, when?

Everyday farmers and merchandisers call us in order to know if we can help them to sell their products. Of course we can, that is the reason we work for and reason of our motto. You would like to know in advance what to cultivate. When a new crop emerges or a suggestion of rare products comes, you want to know if you have opportunities of cropping and how to do it. Finally, you need to have sales security and this is achieved by market knowledge. Our expertise in this field allows us to suggest you best time of planting in order to get production at appropriate moments of markets. That is the answer to when planting to know when selling.

The 21st century it imposes challenges of production and market that will be an opportunity for some farmers. Join to our team and form part of those promoters of new business, ideas and markets.

Global view of crops suitable for you. Planning of production after assessments evaluation of merchandising.

Programming of yield and marketing based on market demand which goes to contracted production.

A full completed consultancy includes design, budgets, infrastructure, markets, local and international policies for your sector, strategic alliances and product prices.

Find out how we can bring our knowledge to your business.

About Global Farmers Solutions

We are a global marketing company, with good experience on production and sales. We advise in all aspects of marketing, unparalleled agri-business service, programming, packaging and farming. Competitiveness based on expertise and information, offering a reliable partner to count on.