Doming Zapata

Sales Manager
Location: Connecticut

Domingo is a social entrepreneur, energetic gentleman equipped with more than 30 years of skills in procurement and supplying of goods from the world to the market. He knows very well how the chain distribution and warehouse or stock management works.
​Owing his background, Domingo fits with GFS’s vision to become a leader in marketing for our producers and providers. As a leader he offers knowledge on sales, advice to farmers, retailers, distributors, exporters. Domingo is the person in charge of quality assurance for product size, color, weight, packing and so on.
​Domingo comes of working with experience companies of marketing or distributions in the USA, where he made a tradition of expert in merchandising. With us he is going to be the best hand you can get for taking any product to the market. Don Domenico, as he is known in part of the Italian and Greek community, receives his nickname because is fluent in Italian and Spanish also.

Miguel Mayorga

Operations Manager


Miguel has been a university professor, professionals lecturer, researcher, reviewer, farmer and agribusiness consultant. He is thrilled with topics relating to agriculture and marketing. His focus is on post-harvest activities among which, marketing and entrepreneurship. Parodying his words, “you do nothing if produce and has not sold it”. Miguel leadership will help our associates by his knowledge on production, markets and opportunities. He is expert organizing and programming from farm to retailers.

As a public speaker, Miguel is motivational, dynamic, friendly, outspoken with great interpersonal qualities. He believes agriculture is an opportunity in this climate changing world and Organic Farming a segment with immense potential.
Miguel holds a basic title of agronomist and a Master degree on Plant Pathology of the Imperial College of London. He have had several Latin-American recognitions on his field expertise and allowed him to evolve to the area where he is extremely productive to farmers.
Miguel is a key leader in GFS helping and providing structure to many programs of merchandising. His language ability is useful for advising of Spanish and Portuguese speakers also.

Lisandro Calderon

Country Manager

Lisandro is part of our professional team is a person involved in assistance of farmers for solving agriculture needs. Being an expert on production and administration, he has been a hard worker in diverse fields from oenology to refrigeration processes. As a public worker, Lisandro expertise has improved to help farmers in sanitation policies and climatic management.

Lisandro is graduated in agronomy from the National University of Cuyo-Mendoza and his advice to Mendocino farmers helps GFS assisting our local activities.

Ezequiel Vegara


Ezequiel is part of the millennials generation in the company who has to inherit the knowledge for assistance farmers to merchandize.  Recently graduated from the National University of Cuyo-Mendoza, he is part of the local team of the company in Argentina. He is eager to work with farmers and help them to solve their daily worries of cropping and marketing. He is part of our most valuable asset the GFS family.

Javier Mayorga


Javier is a young dedicated worker, highly responsible officer, expert in marketing. His leadership and knowledge on Asian market, offers renewed opportunities for many crops. Javier is a friendly, affable, outspoken person who thinks China is a great country and Tropical fruits and opportunity to Latin-American farmers. So he lives in Shanghai and from them he supports the responsibility of marketing to Asia.

Javier holds a basic title of international marketing expert from the School of administration and finances from Colombia. He is an extremely good advisor in GFS to provide support to the marketing. Javier´s language ability is useful for Spanish, English and Chinese. Although he loves Arab, probably part of his periplous by the world. 

Cristian Correa

Country Manager, Procurement and supply chain management

Cristian is a person with extensive experience in commercialization. Great ability for analysis and solutions of financial and human resources, tilted to and developed of sales and customer service. He is enterprising and persevering, with high level of commitment, communication and accountability.

Cristian holds a B. Sc. in administration as a commercial engineer from the Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaiso. He has a solid training in sales and overseas trading. He is very good advisor in management, accounting and human resources. As country manager Cristian is an assest to GFS dealing with products marketing, sales and logistics. Cristian is a proper quote of help when you feel that your operation has some gaps that need to be evaluated.

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